About the Central Wealth Group Holdings Limited

Central Wealth Group Holdings Limited (“Company”) is a limited company registered in Bermuda. The shares of which are listed on Main Board of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited (Stock Code: 139) since March 1994. The core business of the Company and its subsidiaries (“Group”) included the production, trading and sale of garment, shoes and other related products.

Since 2000, the Group has further expanded its business to high-end technology in the form of developing and marketing of IT solutions, wireless communications products and telecommunications products and services. After several restructurings, the group has transformed into a leading financial institution which provide comprehensive financial services including securities brokerage and futures trading, asset management and money lending services to individual and institutional clients.

The Group also engaged in property investments, with currently holds one luxury property investment in the prime location in Hong Kong. Our head office is located at International Commerce Center which houses a number of prominent financial institutions in the world.

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