Debt Capital Markets

Business Profile

CWSI provides comprehensive debt financing services to assist our corporate clients to enter into the international debt capital market for debt financing. CWSI mainly provides offshore bond issuance services for Chinese-funded enterprises and has achieved comprehensive coverage of offshore bond types such as US dollar bonds and Euro bonds. As a Hong Kong based integrated financial services group, CWSI has a deep understanding and obtains a wealth of resources of Hong Kong and overseas debt capital markets. CWSI is willing to provide our customers with a full range of innovative and customized financing solutions to secure the clients’ successful offshore bond issuance, and at the same time, we provide value-added services such as market making, risk hedging, structural product design, and investment consulting after the issuance work.

As a global coordinator or a book runner, CWSI has completed the underwriting of a number of Chinese-funded US dollar bonds. The clients mainly include government financing platforms, real estate developers and large state-owned enterprises. CWSI’s full range of capital market services and outstanding professional ability has won the deep trust of customers.

Products and Services

CWSI has established a complete offshore bond issuing and underwriting industrial chain in the debt capital market, including product design, issuance, marketing and trading. CWSI provides public bond issuance, directional bond issuance and subordinated debt issuance services for customers. The bond service category includes fixed-rate bonds, floating-rate bonds and zero coupon bonds divided according to different coupon rates; corporate bonds and so on divided according to the issuer; US dollar bonds, euro bonds, RMB bonds and Hong Kong dollar bonds divided according to the currency, which can meet specific financing needs of different types of customers.

Underwriting Team

CWSI has professional investment bank teams in the primary market. The team members perennially active in the bond capital market and they have worked for internationally renowned investment banks such as Citi, Barclays, and Standard Chartered, etc. They have solid industry experience and have a profound understanding of the US dollar bond market. CWSI participates as a global coordinator in about 70% of the underwriting projects it handled so that the underwriting teams of the primary market has accumulated extremely rich underwriting experiences. At the same time, all the rating consultants of the primary team are analysts from three major rating agencies which are Moody, S&P and Fitch. They would provide rating advisory services in the process of the bond issue so as to help the issuers to get better overseas ratings, which can improve issuers’ international image and control their financing cost.

Successful Experience

Since the debt financing business has been carried out, CWSI, as the global coordinator and book-keeping administrator, has presided over and participated in the issuance of a number of Chinese-funded overseas bonds for many government financing platforms and real estate developers, and has taken a leading position among Hong Kong securities companies.

CWSI has so far underwritten Yongcheng Coal and Electricity Co.’s $150 million bonds in 2018, Guangxi Financial Investment Co.’s $500 million bonds in 2018, Future Land Development Holding Co.’s $300 million bonds in 2018, Hua Xin Pharmaceutical (Hong Kong) Co.’s $206 million bonds in 2018, Zunyi New District Investment’s $100 million bonds in 2018, Future Land Development Holding Co.’s $200 million bonds in 2017, Jiangsu Hanrui Investment Holding Co.’s $110 million bonds in 2017, as well as some offshore dollar bonds issued through private placement.

CWSI’s full range of capital market services and outstanding professional capabilities has won the deep trust of customers.

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